The Flute Player's Book

Vernon Playing

Written by Vernon Hill, the Flute Player's book is a complete manual for the flute player and music teacher. It includes 54 demonstration audio tracks all cross referenced (download audio tracks below), 140 pages of charts, checklists and useful exercises.

Download demonstration audio tracks.


Details of The Flute Player's Book

The Flute Player's Book

Basic ingredients for flute playing

The flute sound - how a sound is produced

Changing the tonal qualities

Detache or "Breath Pulse"

Practise procedures

Harmonics for tone development

Intonation and pitch control

Musical phrasing - how to say something in your playing

This chapter is 22 pages long and could be expanded into a mini book of its own. The information and advice given is equally useful on any musical instrument.

Articulation and using the tongue

Practical breathing techniques

Advanced tone and vibrato

Performing nerves -- how to cope with stage fright

Check lists, charts, important points and useful exercises.
There are also 20 pages of the most important charts, and checklists from throughout the entire book. It will "jog your memory" by giving you the "key points" in a clear uncluttered form. If you are not sure of the subject, you can refer back to the relevant chapter for greater detail.